Sunday, September 16, 2012

Advice for life 4 you - #3

Advice for life 4 you - #3

Advice for life 4 you - Positive affirmations

Hello again with advice for life 4 you !!! 

positive affirmation
The question is what are positive affirmations? Have you ever met anyone who uses them? What are they for?

Positive affirmations are thoughts that you are choosing to obtain in your mind and heart as a reaction on some negative happening or, the hidden desires you want to come, that will change your life or make you happy. So what can you do or write? The main peak lays in fact that not only words are those that matters, because you want to reprogram your success with those thoughts. We write them and put them in front of a mirror, or like a wallpaper on your lap or Desktop PC, you read them but you have to put an emotion behind it.. 
There are many persons that have healed their bodies with nice thoughts! You don't believe it? Yes, it looks silly at first thought but later, when you see the results, you'll say - 'Oh, that's wonderful! I didn't even realized how strong that is' - and the power lays in yourself, in your emotions, in your chakra's system.. what ever you feel it comes from your heart! Heart is medieval chakra, that connects upper 3 and lower 3 chakras, so when you are in emotion stress, you feel that your heart hurts and your solar plexus is hurt, as you're stopping your inner fire to react. In those situations, take a positive thought, simple as 'I am tomorrow laughing at this situation'  or 'I am secure and I support myself' and than breathe it in and out deeply, feel joy that you are breading and alive ;) 
positive affirmationI will post here some nice positive thoughts, if you are willing to write some of your own in comments, I can make you a wallpaper that you could use on your desktop or lap pc to look and repeat whenever you are feeling weak. For results sometimes you need to workout on your will and on your emotions longer than expected but, you put over a little table with dates and result boxes, write down your feedback, how do you feel and let me guide you trough your safety, which you can guide exactly how you want it to be ;)

So please don't hesitate to listen to this advice for life 4 U no.3, as there are many goods to come to you from it!

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