Thursday, September 13, 2012

Advice for life 4 U - #2

Advice for life 4 U - #2

Advice for life 4 U - #2

Advice for life 4 U - #2

What ever you do, take your drinking water from a spring!!! You ask yourself why from a spring? Do you know any spring around? If you are living in big cities overseas than it is almost impossible to get to nearest spring of water / so what should you do? And why do you want to do that?

First of all we are 80% made of water, and it is our essence life worth ingredient! If your tap water is bad, and you think that buying water would make you live trough, you need to know that bought water also has additives which are conserving it for some time (as it travels around around and overseas too!) - so you need to clean up your tap water and there are several ways to do it!

SHUNGITEBy some minerals that should make it better, so called 'natural filters' among them I could advice you for Shungite which you could buy on You just place some Shungite in  water and the water will become purified and charged with energy, and biologically rich.

Second way is to buy some product like Flashka (which you can order from Croatia - Europe), which has it own cover which cleans water, so you buy one and clean your water trough it!. 

WATER ON SUNThird way is to put your water in the sun, if you live in countries which have a lot of clean sunny days (by that I mean NOT FOGGY SUNNY DAYS), you put it on sun rays, and look to put her into house before falling dark - as you are magnetizing that water with sun and you don't need dark energies to spoil it.

Fourth way is saying prayer and giving to that water your clean, positive thoughts with love. 

SO THERE IS ADVICE FOR LIFE 4 U #2 - no matter what you believe, if you believe in yourself it is enough to this world :) 

Kisses till next time!

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