Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Advice for Life #1

Advice for life #1


Advice 4 life #1

The first advice for life is:

What ever you do, do it with love!
The problem with this world and people in it is that, a big quantity of people never enjoys the life or small things of which it is made of. Why is it so? You are so obsessed with sending messages, typing on computer or doing your job, that you are so strengthen in your mind that you don't even realize the beauty of a flower on your desk, or desktop? Everything become so similar to any other day, like you have been pomp into a grey days zone.

Give your life a little spike of colors! Take a deep breath, type down this first advice advice for life #1 - that says - what ever I do, I do it with love! and tape it up on your computer, or lap top or notebook case or write it on your palm of hand if you want it ;) Try it and remember it. That will make you enjoy at least until you try to materialize yourself in that surrounding of love. Giving love to the moments you are living right now, will make you emit that vibration, and vibration is attractive by nature, so it will attract more love :) your coworkers will be nice to you, people you are living with, Bf or Gf will appreciate you more ;) 

So go for it! Take your first advice for life!

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