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Advice for life #4 - House plants the guardians of your health

Advice for life - #4

House plants - the guardians of your health

Except that undoubtedly belongs to the most beautiful adornments of our home, the flowers very positive effect on health.
spatifilum plant

This fact is confirmed by a number of experts today.

Reason why the flowers in our home can be seen as the guardians of our health, it is truly a great deal.

Among other things, it cleans the air, it absorbs electromagnetic radiation, reduces stress, spreading positive energy, protect us from the noise and enhances the space, prevents odors ...

And in return for all this, asks us a little time and attention.

Air purifiers

Plants purify and refresh the air by filtering carbon dioxide that we exhale, and various toxic substances present in a closed space, and produce oxygen.

One of the extremely interesting research related to the use of indoor plants for air purification and refresh conducted by NASA in the early 90-ies of the last century.

Each of the tested plants for a period of 2 years, in the usual way, was grown in a separate chamber made of Plexiglas, the climate that prevails in the home or in the office.

In these chambers, daily to infiltrate a precise quantity of pollutants, and after 24 hours, in order to measure the amount of pollutants in the air, and compared with the amount measured before pollution.

The results were surprising. Believe it or not, some indoor plants, within 24 hours, can remove up to 90 percent of various toxic substances from the premises in which we live and work.

Here are the miracles:

sanseverija plantmarguerite
African violets
sanseverija (snake plant)
Dracaena (tree of life)
spathyphillum (peace lily)
aloe vera
different types of palm trees
Ĩuperasti klorofit (Chlorophytum comosum)

Of the numerous air pollutants that we are exposed to daily within an enclosed space, it is especially important to emphasize formaldehyde.

Because of its widespread use is present almost everywhere.

It is found in foam insulation, glue, plywood, plastic, paper towels and napkins, carpets, curtains, air fresheners, cleaning agents, deodorants, nail polishes and numerous products for face, body and hair.

For this reason, it is advisable in the space in which we live to enter the plant like a philodendron, aloe vera and sanseverije.

They have emerged as the most powerful weapon in the fight against this pervasive pollutant that can irritate the respiratory system, cause asthma and allergies, and cause headache, fatigue and dizziness, and potentially a carcinogen.

Source of negative ions

Except that purified the air of toxic substances, plants also enrich ga negative ions, which are chronically deficient indoors.

Negative ions greatly improve the poor air quality caused by lighting, heating and air action and numerous electrical devices.
Research confirms that negative ions significantly affect our health: vitalize cells, enhance metabolism, concentration and alertness, increased disease resistance, very good help for headaches, allergies and asthma.

The selection and placement of plants

According to feng shui, the proper selection and placement of plants within the area in which we live, we can improve health and achieve the necessary harmony of mind, body and spirit.

In this sense, feng shui bamboo stands as a symbol of health and prosperity.
Thorny plants placed near exits, ensuring protection of the home, and fresh flowers in the house brings good luck and fortune.
Plants rounded leaves are extremely recommended for home because calming energy. It is best to set up in the northern corners of a room.

Plants erect leaf belonging to the yang principle, which means that the space can be entered too aggressive manly energy, and their location in the home should be cautious.
However, if the energy in your home too dormant, a few such plants could serve you in order to run it, and create a dynamic atmosphere.

As for office space, plants placed in the east, south and southeast, to increase the performance of your enterprise, and bring you good luck in business.
Accordingly, one should avoid placing plants in the West, Southwest and Northeast.

Also, it is considered that the plants with sharp leaves a negative effect on the aura, you can not refuse customers.The home should be avoided such plants to accommodate the furniture on which we sit or lie down, they can weaken the immune system.
Red and yellow flowers belong to the yang principle, and raises energy while blue and purple belongs to the principle of yin and soothing.Spathyphillum (peace lily), eliminating the harmful radiation monitors and TV screens, so it is advisable to keep close to these devices.

Lavender is an excellent choice if you want to speed up the healing and recovery.
Generally, it is considered that healthy plants attract universal chi energy, and thus affect the vitality and longevity. If you are not healthy, they should be replaced as soon as possible, so as not to attract negative energy.

In the end, just mention that the plants in our homes completely dependent on us.So advice for life #4 is - 
Treating all of plants with care and love, because many times they will repay all the effort, by giving us the beauty and health.

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